Latvia, Estonia, Poland / 2015 / 96 minutes
Eleven‐year‐old Janis denounces his father. As an exemplary pioneer living
on a Soviet collective farm called Dawn, he realizes enemies of the system
lurk everywhere. Even his loved ones could be conspiring against the collective
and its authority. The boy’s father is not beholden to him and starts a vendetta.
The starting point for Janis’s story in Laila Pakalnina’s Dawn comes from the
life of Pavlik Morozov, one of Stalin’s martyrs, who, in the early 1930s,
betrayed his family and was murdered. At the same time, the director
was inspired by the screenplay to Sergei Eisenstein’s Bezhin Meadow.
Dawn portrays the oppressive, suffocating world of the Soviet system,
which was dominated by absurdity. Pakalnina and cinematographer
Wojciech Staron have created one of the most interesting and most
original snapshots of totalitarian reality. This is Pakalnina’s fifth
feature film.

Trailer: Dawn / Ausma – Laila Pakalnina
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DAWN- Laila Pakalnina

DAWN RGB (Kopie)

 Laila Pakalnina, sicer priznana dokumentaristka, se v svoji tragikomediji
o kolhozu, Zora, pokloni mitom sovjetskega mučenika Pavlika Morozova,
sovjetske režiserske legende Sergeja Eisensteina in estetike sovjetskega filma.
Ob tem ji uspe proizvesti film, ki osupne s svojo izbiro kadrov, perspektiv
in premikov s kamero. Komičnost je subtilna, kritika ostra in vsak detajl
je pomemben.

P1050369 (Kopie)