logo rog auf weiß 2Rog factory is an industrial complex in Ljubljana (Slovenia) that was shut down in 1991. It laid abandoned, empty, and in deterioration for 15 years.
In 2006 the area was occupied by engaged students, artists and activists as a critical response to the post-socialist transition process and erosion of public and social spaces. The occupation drew legitimacy from the need for places for non-formal artistic, cultural and political activity (autonomy, alternative culture, horizontal political organizing).

Users secured and cleaned the spaces and established ateliers, workshops, galleries, a skate-park, a concert hall, recreational facilities and a social centre among others. Despite the municipal efforts to block or disable the grassroots activities, the users utilized their self-initiative, collaboration and resourcefulness and in 11 years created one of the main junctions of urban culture, critical thought and political activism on the level of the city, country and beyond.

Today, there are around 15 organized collectives and around 200 individuals active in the factory in 30 spaces that are relatively self-sufficient and autonomous. The community is bound together through the assembly of the users which is the main political body following the principle of direct democratic decision making and consulting.

Rog 3.JPGPhoto: Henrike von Dewitz

Since last year Rog’s existence is being threatened with destruction (“renovation”) from the municipality and after its failed attempt to start the renovation processes on 6.6.2016, the users have barricaded themselves inside the courtyard, opening up again only after the court battles have begun. Eight people are currently involved in the legal proceedings and the projected court expenses are in the tens of thousands of euros.

The people who stood for Rog now need Rog to stand for them.
The continuation of Rog’s autonomous activity is now ambiguous due to the financial pressures of the judicial battles.

We have also started a crowdfunding campaign:

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– http://atrog.org/
– Jungle World – Anything but a small cog
ROG: An unfinished portrait

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– http://atrog.org/
– http://tovarna.org/
– https://www.facebook.com/ohranimorog/
– Samo ne kolesce v sistemu 
– Avtonomna Tovarna Rog je odprt prostor svobodnih idej in delovanja…

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Haltbarkeitsdatum ungewiss
Bloß kein Rädchen im Getriebe
–  Solidarität mit dem Widerstand gegen die Räumung des Sozialen Zentrums ROG!

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